Emotional Paradox



This website: What is it?


It’s for me. It’s a place for me to just pour out my thoughts, a place that won’t be the bottom of the drawer (i.e. forgotten; meaningless).

I hope to focus on things that interest me, namely literary topics. Other areas are travel, culture, general thoughts, diving, political discourses, and simple pleasures (that is, such things as gardening, beach life, maps, and tea).


I also want to compile webpages of interest.


SO here we go.

It’s daunting, and I barely use social media at all – for now, however, it seems this is not social at all anyway! Regardless, for now = to set our bearings – let’s lay out my current and immediate life goals…

  • To get my Advanced Open Water Diver Certification (EDIT – Done)
  • To get into the IIML in Wellington (and therefore to write my poetic application
  • To read more
  • To graduate. And continue studying. And live my privileged life
  • And make that life easy for myself
  • To successfully get this site up and running

Hope that wasn’t too¬†difficult to get through.

Make life easier for myself… in the wake of a break up (a near six-year relationship) and years of self-destructive, cruel mindset, I have come to realise I must take each day as it comes, accept myself, and breathe. I will love what I love and do what I do. I am a product of my past and that is that, acknowledged and let go. Entropy. Gravity. Closure.

Oh, but I was trying to fix myself, and succedding, in the twilight of that relationship, in the hope it would last forever. I still hope. Fruitlessly, I’m told.

Let’s talk writers and books, next time.